Frequently asked questions….

How do I register for an event?  Use the link on the main website page to go to and choose the event with the date that you want to attend, follow the registration form.

Can I walk in and participate?  We cannot guarantee your inclusion as a walk in.  It is subject to instructor availability.

What if I am not a member?   To participate in an event you must be a member of SCCA in order to be covered by insurance. Temporary memberships are available when you sign up for your event.  If you would like to join on a full membership, click the link on our RULES AND FORMS page.

Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?   Since you can register or cancel  before midnight the Saturday before your event, there is no reason for refunds.   Once registration is closed, credit cards are charged to those on the list marked as attending.  It is your responsibility to sign up or cancel before midnight on the Saturday before each event.

What group should be in?  if you have not run with us before, be sure to fill our your experience when you sign up on  This will allow our Chief Instructor to place you properly.  Keep in mind, we are all about safety, we may put you in Novice to start and evaluate your driving ability. You can always move up.

How late before an event can I sign up?  We know there are times you are not sure if you can get away from work or if the car is ready.  Registration is open until midnight the Saturday before each event.  That is the latest you can register. (or cancel)

What happens if when I sign up I am on the waitlist?  This does happen sometimes as we need to be certain we have enough instructors for our Students.  The Sunday before the event all assignments will be made and you will be notified if you are assigned.   If enough instructors sign up for the event, you may be released and notified before that date.  
NOTE:  we must have one instructor for every Novice we have signed up
When will my credit card be charged for the event?  All transactions are billed on Sunday or possibly Monday before the event.  You will not be charged if you are on the waitlist.  If your card does not clear, you will be notified by an
dneed to make alternate arrangements.  You cannot be allowed on track until your entry has been paid in full.  You can bring a check to registration for the correct amount.

Can I cancel an event?  Yes, you can go back into and cancel any time before midnight the Saturday before the Wednesday event.

What if I don’t have a helmet to use?  We do have loaner helmets for those of you who need them.  Ask at registration if you need to borrow.

Can I just come out and watch an event?  Yes, spectators are welcome in all but “HOT” areas of the track. You can also pay $25 and get a ride around with an instructor to get the feel for these events.

What if I don’t have or want to use a credit card?  You must still sign up on so we can assign you correctly, but you can elect not to pay at that time.  You must then bring a check for the full amount to registration and we will process you there.   Please also drop a note to the registrar that you will be paying at the track.  Thank you.

Can I bring friends along?  Yes you can bring people to help you or just to watch.  No one is allowed on track with any driver except an instructor.  Note: you are responsible for your ‘crew’ or friends actions, they will need to follow track procedure.

Can I bring food and drink to the event?  You surely may, snacks and water or Gatorade are encouraged.  You cannot bring in alcoholic beverages or anything in glass containers.
NOTE: Concession stands will not be open for Wednesday night events.

What kind of cars can be run in these events?  Primarily, we run street cars, other prepped cars can be included, see the GCR for exact requirements.  There is a link on our main page.
NOTE:  you can also find driver requirements there.
Can I wear shorts?  You should always bring long pants to the event   If you wear shorts in between sessions that is fine, only the safety steward can allow shorts on track and that depends on many things.  It is safer to wear the shorts and bring the long pants.


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