StL SCCA PDX  Series

Registration will end at midnight on the Saturday before each event.    You can register or cancel before midnight on Saturday.   No charge cards are charged until  after registration has closed, therefore no refunds will be given.

You must be a member of SCCA to participate in the events. Temporary Memberships are available when you register on MotorsportReg for your event. 

If you are interested in permanent membership,  click here to get a form and instructions.  We value your participation.        Thank you for your interest!

We consider our intsructors to be among the BEST in the Mid West!  They have all gone though training and continue to train with the Chief Instructors on an on-going basis.


Many of our instructors have been SCCA Club Racing Drivers and have extensive racing experience that they share with the PDX and Club Trial drivers. That experience is estimated to be over 100 years of racing between all of our instructors.  That is a huge amount of racing knowledge we are offering to you for your driving experience.


PDX Weather Postponement Policy: Events are not cancelled.  An event may be postponed and rescheduled if the forecasted weather conditions are deemed to be unsuitable to hold the event.  These decisions are made by noon on event day and if the event is postponed all entries will be moved to the new date. .



In order to run a convertible at a PDX event, you must have it pre approved.   While some convertibles come with roll over protection, such as the Honda S2000, others would not be safe in a roll over incident.   Your convertible will need to have factory roll over protection or a 4 point roll bar which meets requirements found in the TT/HC Driver Information TTR.

If you have a convertible you want to run, gather your manufacturer information on roll over protection and send your information to our Chief of Tech, Steve Kleeschulte at  for confirmation of eligibility.

While the GCR says you SHOULD use wrist restraints in an open top vehicle, we will recommend you do but will not require them for on track access.  We urge you to use caution in an open vehicle for your safety and the safety of those around you.  

Safety, Commitment and Smiles


Just an FYI... we always police our events, if you leave something behind - we will secure it.  You can use our conatct page to ask about your belongings, but we always bring left items to our next event.  They will be in registration.



An email will be sent to all customers and instructors to inform them of the decision and a post will be made on the website  Or you can call 314-941-9943 to see if the event has been cancelled.
If the event is postponed and rescheduled and you can not attend the new date, contact the registrar who will gladly work it out with you for another date or refund.