What type of helmet do I need?

Both open and closed face helmets are eligible but,

your helmet must have one of the following certification labels inside the helmet.

2018 Schedule.

Need to check out the 2018 PDX Supps?

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To ensure your participation, you must be registered on MotorsportReg.com.  Click to register now.

$160.00  for 4 twenty minute sessions,

best deal on a race track!

Walk ins will be subject to instructor availability and participation

cannot be guaranteed.

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We are committed to helping you develop your driving skills!  here is a STUDENT EVAL FORM  showing you what we'll focus on at  the track.

  Plus, you'll complete an INSTRUCTOR EVAL FORM so we can continuously improve our ability to provide our Students a safe, fun and educational performance driving experience!

The dates are set, May thru October on the second Tuesday of the month.

Please Note:  We have added the third Tuesday of April to the mix this year. 

What's a PDX ?

Whats new for the 2018 PDX Series....

If you have questions, try our FAQ page!    If you still need assistance, use the form on  the 'CONTACT' page.

Need to see a schedule for the day? 

We  have  seven new events coming up and are looking into additional events to enhance our program for 2018.  We have moved to the second Tuesday of each month in order to be consistent.  Having said that, we had to schedule the April event - (new this year) on the third Tuesday of the month, April 17.  We hope to add some weekend events this year and are working on the scheduling of those. Stay posted for updated information as it becomes available.   We have our events set up for Registration to open on February 1, come join the fun!!  


A PDX is an opportunity to work with  an insuctor and get experience in car handling and precisions driving in your OWN CAR!  This is  non competitive, un timed event.  Drivers will be grouped by experience. For safety, drivers are required to wear long sleeves, long pants and helmets when on track.

  2017  Season

PLEASE COME TO THE ANNUAL BANQUET to support your peers and your program! You can sign up on motorsportreg.com for the banquet, you do not have to be a member to attend. In addition to the regular fun, this year we will have a pine wood derby race.  

Build a car and come enjoy the fun.